Created to inspire, educate, promote and preserve the historical importance of local and regional archaeological and historical sites




The future of the past is in our hands. We need to ensure the preservation of the past by inspiring people to do their best to help safeguard it for the next generation. NAAC hopes to inspire anyone with an interest in their personal, local, regional, or national history to help protect that past for themselves and for all of our descendents.


Education is the key to promoting the exploration and appreciation of the past. Our goal is to promote our ideals of archaeology for all by providing a wide range of educational opportunities including on site and in-class school programs, volunteer digs, lectures and hands-on training sessions.


NAAC wants to promote an understanding of the past – a past that belongs to all people. Presenting the public with opportunities to help explore that past with us, there will be a greater appreciation of the importance to preserve and investigate archaeological sites before they are lost to development and environmental factors.


Preservation, through invest-igation and stewardship, are the best ways to ensure that the archaeological record remains intact for the future. The optimal goal is long term preservation, but the reality is that in most cases this is not feasible. We believe that if a site is to be destroyed, then we all have an obligation to our ancestors to responsibly investigate and preserve as much of the archaeological record as possible…before it is lost forever.

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