Hearth Excavation, Phase 2


The second phase of the hearth excavation has been completed resulting in:
1. the complete removal of the hall (kitchen) pink granite floor,
2. documenting the “cut” hall stone prior to removal, (? below)
3. excavating the earlier hall hearth below the pink granite flooring,
4. exposing the builders clay in the hall side,
5. excavating the right side of the hall where the usable materials were robbed out when the house was removed from the site around 1800 and subsequently filled in and covered over,
6. the right side builders stones, which was the base of the hearth, are now exposed giving us our first complete look at the 8 foot wide hearth,
7. the decomposed brick was documented and removed from the back of the hearth,
8. excavation of the parlor side hearth has begun.

An interesting note, the hall side excavation has produced a sizable amount of artifacts (charcoal, pipe stems, window pane, lead, red-ware, iron, etc), yet the parlor side has been comparatively sterile except for a very small amount of bituminous coal.

Does anyone have a guess on what’s going on with the “cuts” in the pink granite hall floor stone? The “cuts” are perfectly straight and the width is constant.


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