Enjoy this great article by Cape Cod Tech Council!

Back in July, Tom did a great talk at the Cape Cod Tech Council explaining the history of the site and the formation of North Atlantic. This week they posted this great article:

“In 2010 Tom Keyes and his wife bought an 1817 colonial in Sandwich – or at least he thought they did.

At our First Friday Breakfast in July, Tom told us what he discovered about his house, and how it became an archeological site and topic of learning at Sandwich’s STEM program for middle schoolers.

The discovery started during the renovation, when they took down the false ceiling and found hand hewn beams. Tom loves history and knew they would not have been hand hewn in 1817, so they called in a local archaeologist who found a harlequin ceiling, dating the house to pre-1650.

Tom described how architectural details that had been entombed in the ceiling and walls were exposed – roof shakes, 18th century federal corn paper, growth charts from 1876. In one wall, he said, there is a tree holding up an I-beam. Not a piece of a tree – an actual tree with sawn off branches.

They retained the harlequin ceiling and hewn beams, while leaving gunstock beams and pegs for trammel chains exposed, and restoring the prick post…”

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