New Findings and NAARCH Welcomes a New Team Member

Today we had Prehistoric Archaeologist Dr. Fred Dunford over to go through a few artifacts and officially become a team member of the North Atlantic. Our 17th century colonial site sits atop a prehistoric native site and Fred’s involvement is crucial in better understanding the thousands of items being excavated and processed in the lab.

Here is a small assortment of native items Fred commented on:

1. Sharpening Stone. Glacial cobble, course stone used to sharpen bone and wood.

etched stone1



etched stone2


2. Amethyst, likely part of the prehistoric site.


3. Lightly incised small cobble.

incised cobble

4. Felsite projectile point, late-archaic period, triangular bi-face (+/- 4,000 years BP)

5. Plummet-like stone item, very similar to one Dr. Dunford found at Wing Island here on Cape Cod, unknown function.

6. Archaic period point, parallel flaking, slightly serrated, tip missing.


As we continue to expand the excavation of the Knoll Site we’re finding a much higher concentration of native artifacts in the south-east section so Dr. Dunford’s expertise will prove invaluable in interpreting the site.

Welcome to the team Fred!

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