Dr. Diane Wilson

B.S. Anthropology and Environmental Studies, Tulane University

MA and Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin


Dr. Wilson has more than 25 years of field, laboratory, publication and teaching experience in the academic and private sectors.  Research contributes to a broader field of paleoepidemiology, or the intersection of cultural behavior, environment, and health.  This includes research on diet, dental health, stable isotopes; paleopathology, infectious disease; cultural identity, body modification, and activity patterns.  Dr. Wilson has worked in the Northeast, Mid-West, Plains, and South-Central United States, as well as Central America, and Europe.  In the United States, her researched has spanned the Paleo-Indian through 19th Century.  Dr. Wilson has been the Staff Bio/archaeologist with A. M. Wilson Associates, Inc. since 1999.      

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